Goth Girl Gangs And Synth Pop: Japanese Breakfast Shares A New Video Japanese Breakfast, a.k.a. Michelle Zauner, crafts a creepy video to match the drama of her music.

Goth Girl Gangs And Synth Pop: Japanese Breakfast Shares A New Video


One of my favorite new artists of the year, Japanese Breakfast blends elements of shoegaze, power pop and even early-2000s emo in her work. She sounds as much like Evanescence as she does Miracle Fortress.

Her most recent album, Psychopomp, is incredibly versatile and infectious, blending everything from baroque pop riffs ("In Heaven") to synth beats ("The Woman That Loves You"). On Wednesday, Japanese Breakfast released a new video for "Jane Cum," one of the album's darkest and most emotionally charged tracks. The result is cinematic, telling the story of a goth girl gang dressed in all black, walking through the woods at night and driving around seemingly haunted country roads in an old car.

In an interview with Rookie Mag, Michelle Zauner (the artist behind Japanese Breakfast) said she wanted a video that "referenced the '90s movie The Craft." In order to make the video, Zauner collaborated with director Adam Kolodny, who scouted the eerie location: "We went to Freehold, New Jersey, and filmed it in his parents' backyard," she told Rookie. "We drove around in this vintage Volvo, filming with a car camera and a drone."

Michelle Zauner's debut album as Japanese Breakfast, Psychopomp, is out now on Yellow K Records.