Explore the Episode Links to things we referenced in the show!

Explore the Episode

Links to things we referenced in the show!

Relevant Links

  • The Marshmallow Test

    From the episode: "This is a reenactment we found on youtube of Mischel's famous Marshmallow Test... you sit a kid in a room in front of a delicious marshmallow, tell them that you're going to LEAVE the room and if they can delay their gratification and not eat the Marshmallow til you come back, they'll get TWO Marshmallows instead of one... "

  • TEDx at Marion Correctional Institution

    From TED: "TEDx events are held in correctional facilities around the world, staged by people committed to changing the culture of incarceration. One of these distinctive TEDx events took place in Marion, Ohio, on September 16. TEDxMarionCorrectional brought together speakers from both inside and outside the prison walls, including members of the administration, to talk on the theme "A Life Worth Living." Here are some of the powerful stories from this event about the importance of personal transformation and the strength that comes with community."

  • Studies in the Nature of Character

    From the episode: "Consider – for example - this enormous study done on honesty in children. The researchers – Hartshorne and May - had put thousands of kids in experimental situations in a wide variety of settings – had actually given children opportunities to cheat or lie at school. And it came out with results that were shocking at the time... which is... that the same child who cheats for example in the math class could be a fantastic student – no cheating... in another class... they were not consistently anything... they were inconsistent in their honesty... and that was the shocking result essentially of the Hartshorne and May study... which essentially got buried."

  • Personality and Assessment

    From the episode: "In 1968 - Walter Mischel wrote a book that challenged some of the most basic ideas we have about the role personality plays in our lives. You probably don't know the book – it's has the unsplashy title Personality and Assessment – but you probably DO know something about Walter Mischel, because he's the man behind one of America's favorite experiments: The Marshmallow Test!"

Relevent Books

  • The Brain: The Story of You

    Locked in the silence and darkness of your skull, your brain fashions the rich narratives of your reality and your identity. Join renowned neuroscientist David Eagleman for a journey into the questions at the mysterious heart of our existence. What is reality? Who are "you"? How do you make decisions? Why does your brain need other people? How is technology poised to change what it means to be human? In the course of his investigations, Eagleman guides us through the world of extreme sports, criminal justice, facial expressions, genocide, brain surgery, gut feelings, robotics, and the search for immortality. Strap in for a whistle-stop tour into the inner cosmos. In the infinitely dense tangle of billions of brain cells and their trillions of connections, something emerges that you might not have expected to see in there: you. This is the story of how your life shapes your brain, and how your brain shapes your life.

  • The Marshmallow Test: Why Self-Control Is the Engine of Success

    A child is presented with a marshmallow and given a choice: Eat this one now, or wait and enjoy two later. What will she do? And what are the implications for her behavior later in life? In The Marshmallow Test, Walter Mischel explains how self-control can be mastered and applied to challenges in everyday life--from weight control to quitting smoking, overcoming heartbreak, making major decisions, and planning for retirement. With profound implications for the choices we make in parenting, education, public policy and self-care, The Marshmallow Test will change the way you think about who we are and what we can be.