Flock Of Dimes' 'Semaphore' Is A Triumph For Wallflowers In a beautifully animated new video, Wye Oak's Jenn Wasner shows off the poppy side of her sound.

First Watch: Flock Of Dimes, 'Semaphore'


Set against a gorgeously animated backdrop, Jenn Wasner describes herself as "too far gone for the semaphore" — or, in other words, attempting to communicate with the outside world while stuck in her own headspace. You may recognize Wasner's name from her work in the great Baltimore band Wye Oak; Flock Of Dimes is the name she uses as a solo artist.

Directed by Michael O'Leary and Ashley North Compton, the "Semaphore" video finds Wasner hurting. As she moves around, she looks as if she's gasping for air, struggling and emotional and uncertain — it's like she's lost in translation. In an email to NPR Music, Wasner writes: "In most areas of my life, I struggle to express myself in a way that feels authentic and genuine. Music is a respite from that — it's the way I feel best equipped to share my voice with others."

"Semaphore" is a song for people who make better art than they do small talk. In spite of all of the chaos behind the song, though, its sound feels comforting and triumphant. Through each verse, Wasner gets stronger, which makes sense: For her, music is strength.

"Semaphore" comes from Flock Of Dimes' new album, If You See Me, Say Yes, out Sept. 23 via Partisan.