Blind Pilot, 'Joik #3' (Live) The Oregon band plays the reflective, striking "Joik #3," a tribute to frontman Israel Nebeker's father, live for opbmusic.

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After a five-year hiatus, Blind Pilot released its third album, And Then Like Lions, last week. The group's frontman, Israel Nebeker, wrote the songs coming out of a period of grief following the death of his father (Oregon painter and teacher Royal Nebeker) and the end of a long relationship. The album leads with songs, like "Umpqua Rushing," that open quietly and bloom into lush and hopeful folk-pop arrangements.

One of the most striking songs from And Then Like Lions is the reflective "Joik #3." It was written to honor the elder Nebeker, who came from Arctic indigenous heritage; in the language of the Sami people, the title word refers to a form of song that evokes another person.


  • "Joik #3"

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