Do Androids Dream Of Industrial Beats? Watch Odonis Odonis' 'Needs' Video The band's industrial music clangs and bangs, reflecting the nightmare of a cold world.

Do Androids Dream Of Industrial Beats? Watch Odonis Odonis' 'Needs' Video


Odonis Odonis' industrial music clangs and bangs, capturing the nightmare of an increasingly cold world where technology severs us from humanity, leaving us awash in narcissistic nihilism. Bringing to mind the work of fellow retro-synth artists Perturbator and S U R V I V E, these are the themes of Post Plague, but the Toronto trio's dark arpeggiated synths, moaned and shrieked vocals, and pile-driver beats are especially bleak.

With a stark color palette out of the film Beyond The Black Rainbow, Scott Cudmore directs this unsettling, note-perfect video for "Needs." Androids are controlled, objectified and used for what can only be assumed are unsavory ends, but the androids retaliate. Cudmore says he wanted to show the system's failure, though he leaves its actual dismantling to our imagination.

Old, entitled white men. This is a video about them and the system of oppression and exploitation that they've created to serve their... well, needs, which are usually money and power. I'm looking at this through the lens of science fiction, but I wanted to depict that power structure breaking down finally. Breaking down internally. There's no linear narrative, and you are free to think of that aspect in any way, but each image is a depiction of this breakdown, as well as of repression, exploitation and desperation.

Post Plague is out now via Telephone Explosion/Felte. Odonis Odonis is on tour.