Richard Shindell, 'The Deer On The Parkway' (Live) The veteran folk singer-songwriter calls his new songs "ambitious and lush." Watch him play one, "The Deer On The Parkway," live for Folk Alley.

Watch Richard Shindell Perform Live In The Studio

Singer-songwriter Richard Shindell has been making records for almost 25 years and has risen to the top of the folk-music world. For this year's Careless, Shindell is back with a new collection of original songs — a project that stretched out over three years, between his work on The Pine Hill Project with Lucy Kaplansky and his life in Buenos Aires (where he lives with his family).

Shindell calls his new songs "ambitious and lush," and they stretch his sound toward electric blues. Careless is filled with the life stories and moments in time that make him one of the most powerful songwriters of his generation. In August, he made his way to Beehive Productions studios in Saranac Lake, N.Y., for a Folk Alley session taping. Here, he performs "The Deer On The Parkway" from Careless.


  • "The Deer On The Parkway"

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Video produced by Linda Fahey (Folk Alley) and Jeff Oehler, Sue Bibeau and Lisa Godfrey (Beehive Productions).