Panel Round Two More questions for the panel...Fuggs, Cuteness To Die For
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Panel Round Two

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Panel Round Two

Panel Round Two

Panel Round Two

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More questions for the panel...Fuggs, Cuteness To Die For

BILL KURTIS: From NPR and WBEZ Chicago, this is WAIT WAIT... DON'T TELL ME, the NPR news quiz. I'm Bill Kurtis. We are playing this week with Amy Dickinson, Mo Rocca and Maz Jobrani. And here again is your host at the Chase Bank Auditorium in downtown Chicago, Peter Sagal.


Thank you, Bill.


SAGAL: In just a minute, Bill sings, give me a home where the buffalo rhyme in our Listener Limerick Challenge. If you'd like to play, give us a call at 1-888-WAIT-WAIT. That's 1-888-924-8924. Right now, panel, some more questions for you from this week's news. Maz, this week, the boot company Ugg teamed up with sandal makers Teva to release a combination boot and sandal...


SAGAL: ...That fashion bloggers around the world are praising as what?




JOBRANI: I don't even get what that means.

DICKINSON: A boot and a sandal?

JOBRANI: A boot and a sandal?

SAGAL: Boot - so you know what Uggs are.


SAGAL: And those are the furry boots, yeah.

JOBRANI: The boots - yeah, the fluffy, furry, yeah.

SAGAL: You know what Tevas are.

JOBRANI: Tevas are sandals.

SAGAL: Sandals - rubber sandals.


SAGAL: If you combine the two of them, how do you think that would look?

JOBRANI: Ugg-ly (ph).



SAGAL: It is the - acclaimed as the ugliest shoe ever made.

JOBRANI: Oh, my God.

DICKINSON: Naturally.

MO ROCCA: I'm waiting for it to take on the...

DICKINSON: So wait...

ROCCA: ...To take on the Croc.

SAGAL: Yeah.

ROCCA: It'll be like Godzilla versus King Kong.

DICKINSON: (Laughter).

SAGAL: Well, they would've added Crocs, but that would have torn about the fabric of the universe.

DICKINSON: (Laughter) Wait, so is it an Ugg boot with a Teva sole?

SAGAL: It's sort of - it's like...

ROCCA: Sole of a Teva.

DICKINSON: Or is it a soft sandal?

SAGAL: It's weird. It's sort of a boot, but it has sandal straps at the bottom. So the effect is, like, form followed function not realizing function was drunk and just looking for a place to pee.

DICKINSON: (Laughter).

ROCCA: Is this for enhanced interrogation?

SAGAL: Sort of.

ROCCA: I mean, it sounds horrible.

SAGAL: Well, it looks like the kind of boot you have to wear after you've broken your foot except you decide to wear these after you've had a psychotic break.


SAGAL: One fashion blogger called it a mullet for your feet.


SAGAL: Amy...


SAGAL: (Laughter) Am I bothering you?

DICKINSON: No, lay it on me.

SAGAL: All right, Amy, this week, the Centers for Disease Control announced they underestimated the threat posed by something that many Americans really love. What is seemingly harmless but might kill you?

DICKINSON: Let's see. Is it an illness?

SAGAL: No, it's not an illness.

DICKINSON: Is it a condition?

SAGAL: So not something that you can do, something that people like to have.

DICKINSON: Like to have.

SAGAL: Sometimes they adopt them. Sometimes they watch videos of...

DICKINSON: Oh, oh, it's chickens - kissing your chickens.

SAGAL: Not chickens.

DICKINSON: Kissing your roosters.

SAGAL: Rooster is a subset of chicken. I would have given it to you.

ROCCA: The other name for rooster.

SAGAL: But it's an animal even more beloved.


SAGAL: Yes, kittens.




DICKINSON: Kissing your kittens?

SAGAL: Your kittens. I just want to pause it...

ROCCA: Is that what they call it now?

SAGAL: That's what they call it now - actual kittens.


SAGAL: Cat scratch fever, which is the real thing, is much more dangerous and widespread than previously thought, according to CDC lead scientist Dr. Ted Nugent. And apparently, it's much more likely to be carried by kittens. They seem adorable and cute, but let them get close and they will kill you.

JOBRANI: So people are tonguing their cats?

SAGAL: Apparently.

DICKINSON: It's called grooming.

JOBRANI: You deserve to get sick. That's disgusting. That's disgusting. Pet the cat, give them some milk, move on with your life.

ROCCA: So don't make - and don't make out with Persians, Maz.


DICKINSON: 'Cause otherwise...

JOBRANI: You have become the Trump of this panel now.

ROCCA: But what - what don't - why haven't cats updated? Persian cats should now be Iranian cats.

JOBRANI: They should be. You know what, you're right.

DICKINSON: Or Asian - East Asian cats.

ROCCA: And Siamese cats should be conjoined cats.

DICKINSON: But wait, so you can't kiss or groom - you can no longer groom your own - you can't kiss your kitten?

ROCCA: That's how you groom your cat?

SAGAL: You cannot kiss or lick - is that how you groom it?

DICKINSON: But could you kiss an older cat? I'm asking for a friend.

JOBRANI: Now when you - if - you can kiss a tomcat.

SAGAL: This is what the CDC found. They found that there is a particular danger in kittens and in stray cats, and they also say that having multiple cats increases your likelihood of dying but decreases the likelihood of another person caring that you're dead.


JOBRANI: Who the hell is kissing stray cats?


SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER: (Singing) Kiss me out of the bearded barley. Nightly...

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