Make NPR Your Election Night Destination As polls begin to close across the country on Tuesday November 8th, NPR News will offer special coverage of Election Night 2016.
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Make NPR Your Election Night Destination

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NPR Headquarters in Washington, DC.

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Wednesday, November 2; Washington D.C. - As polls begin to close across the country on Tuesday November 8th, NPR News will offer special coverage of Election Night 2016.

NPR News coverage will be available to listeners and viewers on Member station broadcasts, online at, at, and on the NPR Politics Podcast (The Politics Podcast will release a new episode every day through the election, as well as a special election roundup on November 9th). Breaking news alerts and election results are also available through the NPR News App and by email subscription.

See stations and broadcast times at (Special coverage for election returns will be live from 8pm-5am ET).

Follow NPR Politics on Twitter (@nprpolitics) and Facebook and NPR on Snapchat (@npr) for live updates, photos and reports from the field.

Digital News Coverage

NPR's interactive election site will be live on The election site will feature a special breaking news blog with analysis from NPR's team of expert reporters. It will also include a live-updating election results map, with tools that allow users to view returns by state and key counties, as well as historical results from previous elections. Additional site graphics will update with Senate, House and gubernatorial results.

NPR will also be live on Facebook, where viewers can get a taste of local art! NPR has hired an artist from Washington D.C. to install a mural of the electoral map - and as results come in - the artist will paint in colored-coded, state-by-state returns. This will set the backdrop for NPR Facebook feed which will feature election news, insight and commentary from the NPR Politics team.

Who to Follow Around the Country:

Tamara Keith at Clinton's election-night headquarters
Sarah McCammon at Trump election-night headquarters
Joel Rose outside Trump Tower in New York City
Debbie Elliot in South Carolina
Greg Allen in Florida
Alisa Chang in Nevada
Tovia Smith in Massachusetts
Kirk Siegler in Arizona
Don Gonyea in Pennsylvania
Scott Detrow will be at the to-be-determined victory party

Listeners can also access live election coverage from the NPR One App, or they can listen to the mix of national and local stories for which NPR One is known. NPR One curators will be updating the collection of stories with election news all through the night.

Broadcast Coverage and Election Night Reporters:

NPR hosts Robert Siegel, Audie Cornish, Rachel Martin, and Ari Shapiro will co-host the Special Coverage from NPR headquarters in Washington, DC, from 8:00 pm ET/5:00pm PT until 2:00am ET/11:00 PT. The program will feature up-to-the-minute results, speeches, newsmaker interviews, reports from candidate sites, and analysis from NPR's Politics team.

At 2:00am ET/11:00pm PT, hosts Scott Shafer and Ray Suarez will pick up West Coast coverage from member station KQED in San Francisco, which will last until 4am ET/1am PT.

Who to Follow at NPR Headquarters

NPR Politics
Sam Sanders
Ron Elving
Domenico Montanaro
Susan Davis
Scott Horsley
Asma Khalid
Pamela Fessler

From 4am ET/1pm PT to 5amET/2pm PT, NPR will provide a one-hour recap and analysis of the nights events, hosted by Korva Coleman. NPR will then continue coverage of the election results on regularly scheduled programing beginning with Morning Edition at 5a.m. on November 9.

From NPR Headquarters

Throughout the night, the NPR Politics team will provide live updates on election returns and analysis of the results. The team includes National Political Correspondent Mara Liasson, NPR Politics Podcast host Sam Sanders, Lead Political editor Domenico Montanaro, Sr. Washington Editor and Correspondent Ron Elving, and Congressional Correspondent Susan Davis. NPR White House Correspondent Scott Horsley and Demographics Reporter Asma Khalid will provide exit poll analysis.

NPR's Pam Fessler will be monitoring voting irregularities along with a network of Member station reporters across the country.

From the Campaigns and Across the Country

This election night will be one of NPR's largest coordinated efforts with Member stations and journalists. NPR's Tamara Keith will cover the Clinton/Kaine election night event. NPR's Sarah McCammon will be at the Trump/Pence event. NPR correspondents and Member station reporters will join the broadcast from around the country with reaction to the national race, as well as results, interviews and analysis relating to local, Congressional, Senate, and gubernatorial races in New Hampshire, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arizona, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and more.

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