Pop Culture Advent Calendar, Day 7: The 'No Dames' Number From 'Hail, Caesar!' In the Coen Brothers' film, screen idol Burt Gurney (Channing Tatum) taps away the blues.

Pop Culture Advent Calendar, Day 7: The 'No Dames' Number From 'Hail, Caesar!'

You're expecting a seamen joke here, perhaps? Keep looking, buddy.


Once a day, until Dec. 25, we'll be highlighting a specific small, good thing that happened in popular culture this year. And we do mean small: a moment or image from a film or TV show, a panel from a comic, a brief exchange from a podcast, or a passage from a book.

Ok, yes, it's just the one joke. Fine.

And it starts the moment the scene begins, as the camera pans over the name of the bar in which Channing Tatum and a gaggle of fellow swabbies find themselves.

"The Swingin' Dinghy."

No, yeah. You get it.

The Coen Brothers' film Hail, Caesar!, features Channing Tatum as movie star Burt Gurney, who gets a big production number in which he despairs over his upcoming 8-month stint on the high seas, far away from comely female accompaniment.

Well I say "despairs." That might be a bit strong.

Because generally speaking, as a rule, despair involves ... less tap-dancing.

He seems pretty resigned to the whole notion, actually. Just really remarkably sanguine.

Again, yes: Just the one joke. But executed with skill and verve and tight pants, which counts for something.

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