Watch Palehound Perform 'Holiest' Live At Pickathon The Boston indie-rock band plays a deep cut from its catalog at Pickathon's Woods Stage outside Portland, Ore.

Palehound, 'Holiest' (Live At Pickathon)


Morning slots at summer festivals can be tough. Artists are asked to complete the unenviable task of mustering the energy for an entertaining performance when they'd likely rather be shaking off the cobwebs and finishing their coffee. Making matters worse, they often find themselves playing to sparse and lethargic crowds. Eventually, the sun, dirt and late nights take a toll on everyone.

This performance by Palehound at last summer's Pickathon is the exception to that conventional wisdom. Palehound's 2015 full-length debut, Dry Food, was an absolute stunner that propelled the Boston indie-rock band onto the national stage. Accordingly, the group, led by frontwoman Ellen Kempner, had little trouble attracting a boisterous crowd at 11 a.m. on a Sunday in the woods just outside of Portland, Ore. But surprisingly, it was an older and lesser-known number that provided the biggest surge of energy during Palehound's impressive hour-long set on the Woods Stage. This song, called "Holiest," comes from an early 7" release and showcases the three-piece group's charming but raw sound.

This is just the latest episode from the Pickathon Woods Series. These videos are hand-picked by opbmusic to showcase some of the most exciting performances captured at the Woods Stage during Pickathon, a three-day festival held each summer in Happy Valley, Ore. Look for the next premiere in late March.