STRFKR Honors John Waters In New Video For 'In The End' The video is a film, on film — STRFKR's "In The End" honors John Waters in the best possible way.

First Watch: STRFKR's Video For 'In The End' Honors John Waters, In Law-Breaking Drag


When STRFKR's Josh Hodges and Keil Corcoran wrote the synth-pop romper "In The End," they say they imagined it as "a cross-dresser, alien-abduction-type thing." Their new video for the cut came close — it's a drag queen heist film.

The short film — which was actually shot on film -- follows two color-bright and cackling queens as they commit armed robbery, crash a drag show and shower screaming fans with cash and confetti... before being hauled away in handcuffs.

We were "very much inspired by John Waters' films," directors Chris Birkmeier & Aidan Brezonick say in an email to NPR Music. "Specifically, the ones starring the late great Divine. We made the stylistic decision to shoot on 35mm to really pay homage to the gritty feel his early films had. We owe everything to our fabulous stars Tony Soto and Meatball for continuously giving the camera something awesome to look at. They really carried the whole film — all in high heels."

"In The End' is from STRFKR's latest album, Being No One, Going Nowhere, released last fall on Polyvinyl Records.