The Family Crest's Video For 'Mirror Love' Is A Kaleidoscope Of Love And Action The Family Crest urges its extended network of fan-collaborators to express their political thoughts with a new video for "Mirror Love."

The Family Crest's Video For 'Mirror Love' Is A Kaleidoscope Of Love And Action

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The Family Crest are an ambitious band of seven, with legions of fans around the country taking part on recording projects and in their shows as singers and performers — a crucial part of the community-building central to The Family Crest philosophy. It's no surprise, then, that their new song "Mirror Love" is about urging people to express their political dismay. Besides that wide network of collaborators, The Family Crest's new song also extends into new sonic territory for the group, capturing the late '70s sounds of the Bee Gees in both beat and chorus.

Liam McCormick is at the heart of this overflowing orchestral family. Talking about the new song, McCormick focused on its content over its stunning kaleidoscopic imagery and bold sound.

Liam wrote to tell me that this song was written as a therapeutic response to the apathy he feels surrounds him.

"We all look at ourselves in a 'rose-colored' mirror of self-examination, and with the overwhelming amount of content we come across every second of every day, when we are afforded moments of self-reflection, it's easy to forget to look beyond yourself."

"We explore the things we want to do, who we want to be, and how we want to change the world, but often that desire doesn't translate to action, and often it's very one-dimensional. I'm the first to admit there's something really romantic and positive about projecting a wish for change, but the follow through is what counts. Just clicking a 'like' button doesn't mean anything. So when the 'Mirror Love' lyrics say, 'Who we want to be, who we're going to be,' the idea is that just changing one word changes the dynamic and intention of the direction you're heading and if we don't make positive and necessary changes in this world, our children's children will look back upon us as selfish fools."

"Since the song was written, people in America and across the world have engaged in massive, passionate, beautiful displays of concern for humanity. I hope in listening to this song, anyone that has the desire to participate in social change but hasn't taken the initiative to do so will feel empowered to take that step."

"Mirror Love" comes from The Family Crest's new EP Prelude To War, coming out April 28. It is the first installment to a larger project by The Family Crest called "The War." There will also be a tour coinciding with the release — this band is a must-see live!