First Watch: Alex Napping, 'Fault' A song and video by the band Alex Napping explores singer Alex Cohen's struggle with an eating disorder, in vivid blue and white.

First Watch: Alex Napping, 'Fault'


Alex Napping is the name Alex Cohen's gave to her Austin-based guitar-pop band. On "Fault," Cohen explores her eating disorder in vivid blue and white, confronting her feelings of shame about the ailment.

Cohen told me that she's been shouldering feelings of guilt and self-blame around this personal struggle. "For a long time," she wrote, "it was something I viewed as a personal failure rather than a societal failure. Eleanor, the director, and I worked closely together to develop a visual narrative that wades through that sense of shame and a desire for acceptance with a strong color motif of blue and white, and by creating a micro-world where my disorder and associated neurosis exist as removed from reality."

"Fault" comes from Alex Napping's second record, Mise En Place (French for "everything in its place"), out on Father/Daughter Records May 5.