Mokoomba On Mountain Stage Hear the Zimbabwean Afro-fusion band blends traditional rhythms with funk, ska and soukous in their Mountain Stage debut.

Mokoomba On Mountain Stage

Mokoomba On Mountain Stage

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Brian Blauser/Mountain Stage
Brian Blauser/Mountain Stage

Zimbabwean six-piece Mokoomba makes its debut on Mountain Stage, recorded live at the Culture Center Theater in Charleston, W.Va. Regarded as one of the best touring acts from Africa, the young Afro-fusion band sing in unison in Tongan and Luvale as they mix together funk, ska and pop influences. As host Larry Groce puts it, "That's the way music works the best: when you don't categorize. You just bring it and let it hang out."

Mokoomba's self-produced third album is Luyando, translated to mean "mother's love" in Tongan, and available now on Outhere Records. A band that deserves to be seen live, Mokoomba features Mathias Muzaza on lead vocals, Trustworth Samende on lead guitar, Abundance Mutori on bass, Donald Moyo on keyboards, Miti Mugande on percussion and Ndaba Coster Moyo on drums.


  • "Kumukanda"
  • "Muzwile"
  • "Mabemba"
  • "Kulindiswe"