First Watch: Overcoats, 'I Don't Believe In Us' Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell dance off disillusionment in their pastel video for the YOUNG bonus track.

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First Watch: Overcoats, 'I Don't Believe In Us'

As Overcoats, Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell bring a sense of weightless synchronicity and sisterhood to their music. Their debut record, YOUNG, was one of Bob Boilen's favorites of this past year for its "ambition and passion." Now, the duo is releasing a deluxe edition of that album with a sparkling new bonus track, "I Don't Believe In Us."

The song's pastel-colored music video, co-directed by Aaron Vasquez and Sinjun Strom, daydreams of liberation from circumstances which no longer fulfill us. Cycling through interpretive dance routines and longing gazes, the clip feels like a hesitant yet definite celebration. "We wanted to play with the idea of fairytales, of fantasy and love and surrealism," Elion and Mitchell told NPR.

"The song is about disillusionment. It's about realizing that a fairytale you've been believing your whole life is false. It's about figuring out what to do with that information — how to move forward," they continued. "It's a provocative look at all the transformation we've been through, all the difficult changes. We're excited to see what happens next...Do we believe?"

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