Lo Moon Shares Its Origin Story An early demo of "Loveless" and an epic garage jam brought together Matt Lowell, Crisanta Baker and Sam Stewart. Watch them tell the story and perform three songs, live in Boston.

Lo Moon Shares Its Origin Story


When bass player and keyboardist Crisanta Baker heard Matt Lowell's song "Loveless," she fell in love with the sound immediately. The song was still a work in progress at the time, but it would eventually become Lo Moon's breakout hit.

Lowell had just moved from New York to Los Angeles and was eager to get a band together. Following an epic garage jam with Baker and guitarist Sam Stewart, the trio knew this was the start of something special. In the video above, the band shares its origin story.

Below, the trio talks about its highly-anticipated 2018 album and performs three songs, live in Emerson College's WERS studio in Boston.


  • "Thorns"
  • "This Is It"
  • "Loveless"