Watch Thunderpussy Explore Romantic Fallout In 'Torpedo Love' The Seattle rock band and 2018 Slingshot pick chooses to tackle romantic fallout in a kindred setting in its new video for the song 'Torpedo Love.'

Watch Thunderpussy Explore Romantic Fallout In 'Torpedo Love'


Bursting with cheeky ferocity and razor-sharp rock 'n' roll chops, Thunderpussy burst onto the Seattle scene 18 months ago and quickly established themselves as one of the city's most exciting bands, based solely on their live show's reputation.

Ahead of their first major release, the forthcoming Greatest Tits EP, we're excited to debut "Torpedo Love," a song that's slower than most of their catalog but retaining their trademark charisma — a flourish of flair to partner every slashing riff and volcanic chorus.

For their video, the band chose to shoot within an unusual location: an abandoned nuclear power plant.

"When working with Magic Mama Massy," frontwoman Molly Sides says, referencing the band's producer, Sylvia Massy, "enthused wild ideas literally explode everywhere. So, it wasn't strange when Sylvia threw out the idea of recording in a silo. As we crept up to the monstrous structures, it seemed as though they'd been waiting for us, and the concrete curtains calling to us. With both nature and nuclear walls hovering, a beautifully eerie collaboration ensued."

Thunderpussy's music sounds best when it's played very loud and very close to you: They're heading out on tour soon — check out the dates here.