The Austin 100: Nailah Blackman For fans of Machel Montano, Rihanna and tropical vibes of any kind.

The Austin 100: Nailah Blackman

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O'Lawd Oye

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IDouglas/Courtesy of the artist
Nailah Blackman.
IDouglas/Courtesy of the artist

Hometown: San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

Genre: Soca

Why We're Excited: Nailah Blackman's grandfather, the late Lord Shorty, invented the style of music known as soca as a means of reinvigorating calypso music; her mother, Abbi Blackman, is a hit-making calypso star in her own right. The younger Blackman has enjoyed her own string of Afropop-inflected reggae hits, but don't be surprised if "O'Lawd Oye" crosses all the way over into mainstream omnipresence: It is, straight up, one of the most cathartically joyful songs you'll hear this year.

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