Watch Okkervil River Perform 'Famous Tracheotomies' The Texas folk rock band expands into more atmospheric territory on their upcoming album In The Rainbow Rain.
NPR logo Watch Okkervil River Perform 'Famous Tracheotomies'

Watch Okkervil River Perform 'Famous Tracheotomies'


The first track I heard from the forthcoming Okkervil River record In The Rainbow Rain, out April 27, was "Famous Tracheotomies." It's a name-dropping song exploring the medical histories of various celebrities and it's a song that only Will Sheff could write.

The band's set at Stubb's may just have been the best I've even seen them. As Sheff reached the Ray Davies lines of this song, the synth nod to "Waterloo Sunset" really brought it all home for me.


  • "Famous Tracheotomies"


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