Gil Goldstein On Piano Jazz In this 2001 episode, the D.C. native and frequent film composer performs his original "City Lights" as well as demonstrates his chops on the accordion.

Gil Goldstein On Piano Jazz

Gil Goldstein On Piano Jazz

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Courtesy of the artist
Gil Goldstein
Courtesy of the artist

Composer and arranger Gil Goldstein came to the piano by way of the accordion, which he has rediscovered and added to the jazz lexicon. Collaborations with Jaco Pastorius and Bill Evans fostered his career and led to work with David Sanborn, Michael Franks and Al Jarreau. These collaborations also led to writing original scores for films like Radio Inside and Simply Irresistible. In this 2001 Piano Jazz session, Goldstein solos on his own "City Lights." McPartland then accompanies him as he plays accordion for a few tunes, including "Waltz for Debbie."

Originally broadcast in the spring of 2001.


  • "City Lights" (Goldstein)
  • "My Ship" (Weill, Gershwin)
  • "Turn Out the Stars" (Evans)
  • "Waltz for Debbie" (Evans, Lees)
  • "Some Other Time" (Bernstein, Comden, Green)
  • "Summertime" (Gershwin, Heyward)
  • "What Is This Thing Called Love" (Porter)