Panel Questions The Trump Dump.

Panel Questions

Panel Questions

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The Trump Dump.


Before we go on, I just want to say, this is the first time in I don't know how long we got through the whole opening segment without mentioning our president. Doesn't it feel good?


SAGAL: You feel good about that?

BODETT: Yeah. Great.

ROXANNE ROBERTS: It does feel good.


SAGAL: I enjoyed that - nice to get a little break.

BODETT: It's like doing a cleanse...

SAGAL: I know, it really is.

BODETT: ...Only without the mess.

SAGAL: I feel somehow taller. Well, all right, panel.


SAGAL: Now it's time for a game we call...

BILL KURTIS: The Trump Dump.

SAGAL: The Trump Dump.


SAGAL: This one, we try to cover lots of Trump news with rapid-fire true-or-false questions as opposed to the Trump bump, which is what you get before you give birth to Don Jr. All right.


SAGAL: Ready to play? We're just going to go through this real quick. You tell me - I'm going to tell you something about Donald Trump or his entourage this week. You tell me if it's true or false. Here we go. Tara, true or false - The Hill reported that Donald Trump talks to Melania every night before he goes to bed.


SAGAL: Right.


SAGAL: He talks to Sean Hannity every night before he goes to bed.


SAGAL: Tom, true or false - Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told Chinese officials he can prove there's no mad cow disease in the U.S. because Trump eats lots of U.S. beef, and he's not mentally unstable at all.


SAGAL: Yes, that's true.


SAGAL: Roxanne, true or false - on Thursday, Trump tweeted a message celebrating his anniversary with Melania.


SAGAL: Right. He tweeted...


SAGAL: ...A message about the one-year anniversary of the Mueller investigation.


SAGAL: Tara, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said this week that there was no collusion because the Trump campaign never met with Russia to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.


SAGAL: No, false. He said they did meet with them. But they didn't get anything, so it doesn't count.


SAGAL: Tom, true or false - this week, the Trump organization filed paperwork to trademark the Trump coat of arms, designed by Donald Trump himself.

BODETT: That'd be true.

SAGAL: No, it's false. It was plagiarized from another family.


SAGAL: And the only change they made - and this is true - was they changed the word integrity on the coat of arms to Trump.


SAGAL: Roxanne, true or false - The Washington Post reported the Trump administration has vastly improved the reputation of American businesses around the world.

ROBERTS: I'm going to say true.

SAGAL: No, it's false. The Post reported Trump has vastly improved the reputation of George W. Bush, which you should know because you wrote the article.


ROBERTS: That was my story.


ROBERTS: Well, when you put it that way (laughter)...

SAGAL: I understand.


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