Goat Yoga Helps Brent Cowles Be 'Okay Alone' All musicians have their own ways to prepare for performances. Colorado-bred singer Brent Cowles chose to work on his core with some baby goats before performing his single "How To Be Okay Alone."

Goat Yoga Helps Brent Cowles Be 'Okay Alone'


Brent Cowles is a fixture on the Colorado music scene. He's been drawing local attention since his days in the Americana band You Me & Apollo. Since leaving the group he founded while still in his teens, Cowles has been grinding out a solo career and will release his first full-length album, How To Be Okay Alone, on June 15th. The Colorado Sound invited Cowles to blow off some steam and relax with some goat yoga and give us a sneak preview of his upcoming release.