Brent Cowles Shares His Favorite Songs On The Colorado Sound Cowles took over the decks at The Colorado Sound for a guest DJ appearance. His set included Blake Mills, Alabama Shakes and more.

Brent Cowles Shares His Favorite Songs On The Colorado Sound

Brent Cowles taking over the airways at the Colorado Sound. Chris Coomey/Colorado Sound hide caption

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Chris Coomey/Colorado Sound

Brent Cowles taking over the airways at the Colorado Sound.

Chris Coomey/Colorado Sound

Brent Cowles joined program director and on-air personality Benji McPhail at The Colorado Sound to play some of his favorite tunes. Cowles spoke highly of the artists that not only inspire his sound but bring authenticity and grittiness to western rock and roll.

Brent Cowles Introduces His Favorite Songs On The Colorado Sound

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Blake Mills, "Hey Lover"

I just recently discovered Blake Mills from my friend Nate Meese, who plays music in my band. He recommended I listen to this song and I think we have just about overplayed it in the van. It's moved into headphone territory, but there's ... there's just something about this guy's voice that gets me and that's usually what what I am first attracted to in music. The chorus on that song is just ... I can't get it out of my head every time I hear it — in a good way. I don't mind that it's stuck in my head. The rest of his catalog is also very good, but this song is my introduction to everything and that's why I chose it.

The Alabama Shakes, "Over My Head"

Brittany Howard is one of the most incredible, just all-around fantastic musicians. Her guitar playing and vocal gymnastics that she does, as well as her songwriting, is an unstoppable force. The band has been one of my favorites since since they've first kind of hit the scene and they continue to do great work.

King Cardinal, "Gasoline"

They are a Denver band that I am a huge fan of. My goal with my DJ takeover was to showcase some local talent that I believe in. The King Cardinal is not only a group of fantastic musicians and talented people, but they're good buddies of mine and I feel like we have a really closely knit supportive community in the music scene on the Front Range. I'm just kind of showing some love to my friends.

Rayland Baxter, "Yellow Eyes"

The record that "Yellow Eyes" is on, Imaginary Man, has been one of my late obsessions. I have a tendency to find a record that I like and then I listen to nothing else for a couple of months and this is that record for me lately. There's something about the guitar work on that record, it's special. I found it on vinyl not too long ago and just about every morning I drive my girlfriend crazy because I play that record.

The Still Tide, "Give Me Time"

Anna Morsett, who fronts The Still Tide, is one of the most talented people I've ever met and she recorded the bass and sang on this record. She's one of those people where you just know there's stardom inside of her. And she'd never be one to recognize that. But luckily there are lots of people around her that see it and support her and I'm excited to see what happens with The Still Tide.

J. Roddy Walston And The Business, "Don't Break The Needle"

One of my favorite things is seeing live photos of J. Roddy Walston because his hair is always just standing straight up because he's always rocking out with some good rock and roll. The first time I discovered the band was at the first year of the Shaky Beats Festival in Atlanta. Seeing J. Roddy play was just incredible. I mean they put on such a good show and the songs are so well put together. I've been a huge fan ever since.

David Ramirez, "People Call Who They Wanna Talk To"

I think David Ramirez is maybe one of the most brilliant lyrical songwriters that I've ever listened to, and especially on this song in particular. It just kind of hits you right in the gut because everybody likes "People Call Who They Wanna Talk To," and that it's such a simple sentence, yet carries so much weight. The way he sings it and and the whole structure and production of that song just connects with me on a serious level. Everyone has those relationships in life where it's like, oh man, I haven't talked to you in so long. I'm a huge David Ramirez fan. I look up to his songwriting a lot.

Poet's Row, "Goin' Down"

Every time I see Poet's Row live I get very excited when they play that tune. It has a certain emotional response and I just like the melodies and certain phrases and the way that song kind of builds into the end. It puts a feeling in me and I think that's what music is supposed to do: instill some sort of response emotionally, whether it makes you want to get up and dance or bob your head or, you know, just sit back and relax on the porch. You can put an emotion behind all of those situations.

RL Cole, "Tijuana Bullfight"

I met RL Cole at a folk alliance. We both ended up getting booked for the Colorado Room, at a festival in Kansas City. Yeah. They book three floors of a Westin hotel and every room has a show in it from 5 p.m. to 6 a.m. Yikes! Four days in a row. It's insane. We didn't know each other before that and carpooled to Kansas City together. That was a great way to get to know somebody. And then we roomed together and we just kind of bonded on that trip. I love RL's voice. As soon as he starts singing, you're kind of captivated immediately. He writes great songs, and whether he's with his band or by himself he controls the stage. I have a lot of respect for that.

Sharon Van Etten, "One Day"

Sharon Van Etten is a legendary songwriting for sure, but there's something about the way she puts melodies together, I can put that song on repeat over and over again. She's just a fantastic singer, songwriter and I have a ton of respect for her and that song. I wasn't super familiar with it until a few weeks ago and I've always loved her catalogue, but that one just kind of hooked me and hasn't let go yet.

Wildermiss, "Carry Your Heart"

When I have free time, I like to go to random shows by bands that I don't know, that are a part of our scene, and try to get to know them because it's important to be plugged in and aware of the music scene you're a part of. I watched a video of Emma Cole singing a cover of a Beatles song and I realized I gotta go see this band. I went and saw them and realized this band is going somewhere and fast. They've grown so quickly. It's really cool to watch watch them kick butt. I'm a huge fan of what they're doing.

The River Arkansas, "Clementine"

The band is fronted by a fellow named Mike Clark. I met him when he was a part of a project called The Haunted Windchimes from Pueblo. This group of people and the music they create are incredible. Mike Clark is a buddy and I love his music. He's got one of those voices with a gritty kind of western vibe to it. And then out of nowhere it's got that low, deep, soothing voice. I'm a huge River Arkansas fan and I wanted to show them some support.

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