H.E.R. Prepares For Debut Album With 'I Used To Know Her: The Prelude' EP The rising R&B singer peels back another layer of her artistry and shows an aptitude for rap and spoken word.

H.E.R. Prepares For Debut Album With 'I Used To Know Her: The Prelude' EP

Laden in mystery and entrancing vocals, H.E.R. releases her latest EP, I Used to Know Her: The Prelude, in anticipation for her upcoming debut album.

H.E.R. shows off poignant lyricism reminiscent of Lauryn Hill's '90s era cadence on "Lost Souls." The singer ferociously addresses materialism, body positivity and toxic masculinity.

"Confusing self-conscious with self-confidence / So you monogamous be body positive / Those pills you swallowing, for a following / What he got to offer? / He don't see the kids that he fathering," H.E.R. raps in the first verse on "Lost Souls."

She returns to her familiar hazy vocals and immersive ballads on the rest of six-track EP and appoints trap soul nightingale Bryson Tiller to tackle a guest verse "Could've Been."

Though her M.O. is to remain shrouded in seductive secrecy, H.E.R. assembles tracks that resonate with millennial angst while being sonically evocative of the R&B greats like Sade, Kelly Rowland, Anita Baker and Toni Braxton.

"I should've listen to my intuition/ I've put myself in this position / It's all my fault, look in the mirror think what am I missin'?," H.E.R. sings in the first verse of "Against Me."

H.E.R. emerged in late 2016 with the EP H.E.R. Volume 1 which shot to prominence thanks to the standout track "Focus." She performed a stunning Jimi Hendrix-esque guitar solo at the 2018 BET Awards this past June, peeling back another layer of the smokescreen to show off her artistry.