Aphex Twin Returns With The Frenetic 'T69 Collapse' The producer and deep experimentalist born Richard D. James will release a new EP, Collapse, on Sept. 14.

Aphex Twin Returns With The Frenetic 'T69 Collapse'


The release of new material from Aphex Twin excites us in no small part because we never know exactly what's about to go down. On Aphex Twin's last release, 2016's Cheetah EP, he delivered a low-tempo suite of steady, hazy material all-but begging to be interpolated into live dance sets. Before that, the full-length Syro from 2014 seemed to pull together all of Aphex Twin's many eccentricities into a rich, sometimes crushingly dense, palette.

The Yen Sid of electronics born Richard D. James is now back with the dense, pummeling "T69 Colllapse," which build to a nearly unbearable crescendo before pulling back into the jittering pleasure matrix that James singularly claims. The song comes from his forthcoming Collapse EP, due out Sept. 14 on Warp Records.

The equally freaked video for "T69 Collapse" was directed — jolted into existence, really — by Weirdcore, a London-based designer and animator that has previously worked with Aphex Twin. Weirdcore claims to push "the boundaries of consciousness and visual interpretation" and is "driven by technology as an experimental exercise." It's little wonder the two artists get along.