Ray BLK Won't Settle For Less On 'Empress' The vivacious London-based singer releases the lead single from her upcoming EP Empress.

Ray BLK Won't Settle For Less On 'Empress'


Ray BLK is here to hold it down for the ladies. The U.K. artist shines in her new video for "Empress," a cool, calm and vivaciously confident anthem about this woman's worth.

The song and Geej Owner-directed video starts off simple enough: Ray recounts a laundry list of suitors who didn't quite match up. But with a flick of her tresses and a bat of her precisely glitter-gilded eyes, the camera pans out to reveal an entire movie theater filled with women — all ages, colors, creeds and ethnicities — nodding and singing along in solidarity.

"I don't want to settle for less / 'Cause I'm an empress / Got to big up my chest / Even if it hurts / When a woman knows her worth," Ray sings over acoustic guitar.

"Empress" is the lead single off the artist's upcoming debut EP of the same name via Island Records, a project that RAY says is meant to service young women finding their voices.

"When I started making this project, I was just in a space where I reached a peak of self-acceptance and self-love," the singer told NPR during an interview last month. "There's a lot of, you know, media telling women not to love themselves, whether that's with advertisement or whether that's with Instagram. There's a lot pulling women down and making them feel not good enough. And I just wanted to uplift people."

Empress drops this fall via Island Records.