Watch Hatchie Perform Candy-Coated Tracks From 'Sugar & Spice' Australian artist Harriette Pilbeam took time out of her U.S. tour to gift WFUV's studio these sweet tracks.

Watch Hatchie Perform Candy-Coated Tracks From 'Sugar & Spice'


Hatchie, the band led by singer, songwriter and bassist Harriette Pilbeam, spins the kind of luscious dream pop that recalls the shimmering, shoegazing legacy of Ride or Cocteau Twins, but carves out its own distinctive path, too.

Pilbeam is the architect of Hatchie's destiny. The Brisbane-based band's first EP, Sugar & Spice, released earlier this year, offers up a taste of the Australian group's huge potential via four tracks that touch on the complexities of love, all propelled by the sweep of synths and the exhilarating jangle and reverb of guitars.

Hatchie's debut album, tentatively slated for an early 2019 release, was written and recorded during breaks in the band's busy touring schedule and will be reflective of Pilbeam's own growth as a songwriter.