Maggie Rogers Performs 'Light On' And 'Fallingwater' On 'SNL' Just two years after her breakout single turned her from college student to professional, the down-to-earth singer seemed calm and confident on the Studio 8H stage.

For Her 'SNL' Debut, Maggie Rogers Performs 'Light On' And 'Fallingwater'


As Jonah Hill joined Saturday Night Live's famed Five-Timers Club on Nov. 3, musical guest Maggie Rogers made her SNL debut, sharing her viral folk-dance on the 8H stage and appearing equally as comfortable as Hill on it.

True to her open book approach to public life, Rogers updated fans throughout the week on her SNL journey via social media; tweets and Instagram videos documented pure glee as she prepped for a performance that arrived just two years after her breakout single, "Alaska." (However, nothing compares to the cringe-worthy show promo video, in which Pete Davidson jokingly asked Rogers to marry him. She said no.)


Rogers recently announced her major label debut, Heard It In A Past Life, in conjunction with the single "Light On." The forthcoming album follows up Rogers' 2017 "thesis in pop music," Now That The Light Is Fading EP, a buoyant exploration of organic percussion, bird chirps and infectious melodies. Unfortunately, Rogers' performance of the song here paled in comparison to her second, with Rogers' falling victim to the SNL stage's infamous reputation for being unkind to singers.

The down-to-earth singer regrouped and closed with an arresting performance of "Fallingwater" — a track that marked Rogers' recording return this past summer. Rogers' signature fitful dance moves and bright red dress, similar to the one she wears in the single's accompanying video, brought a new energy to the jittery song.

Despite the "Light On" hiccup, Rogers came off confident and unwavering in both performances, having come a long way since Pharrell's career-making endorsement two years ago and well into carving out a place of her own in the pop world. Rogers' intense work ethic and vocal prowess is clear — but she never lets you see her sweat.