Watch Cardi B And Bruno Mars' 'Please Me' Video Cardi B and Bruno Mars team up again to set their late-night flirtation in a taqueria ablaze with choreography and bilingual rap.

Cardi B And Bruno Mars Take Over The Taqueria In 'Please Me' Video


Taquerias and checker-tiled diners are the definitive late-night stomping ground for LA clubbers who are young and hungry with only a few bucks to their name. So it stands to reason that Cardi B and Bruno Mars stage their nocturnal flirtation in one of these neon-lit eateries for the pair's "Please Me" video — lime, sweat and jamaica in the air.

The visual stakes a claim to their shared Latinx heritage, as they bask in the early '90s glow of the time when Jodeci, low-riders and pencil 'staches reigned supreme. It's Saved By The Bell with a dash of Chicano-charmed spice. Dropping nearly a year after the duo dripped in "Finesse" with a In Living Color-inspired video, the respective stars prove they can make lightning strike twice onscreen.

Bruno, here in peak turtleneck-and-chain form, is still one hell of a dancer, but the real fun is watching Cardi and Bruno yike on each other. If anything though, you'll end the video with a hankering for a torta asada and a top-down night drive through LA streets.