The Austin 100: Disq Recommended if you like Weezer, The Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead.

The Austin 100: Disq

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Scotify Studios/Courtesy of the artist


Scotify Studios/Courtesy of the artist

Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin

Genre: Rock

Why We're Excited: Disq injects its blurry and hard-charging power-pop with lyrics about disaffection, loneliness and a world where "communication takes me farther away." As Disq's members spread out beyond the Wisconsin high school where members Isaac de Broux-Sloane and Raina Bock first formed the band, their songs are bound to grapple more with a sense of modern isolation. But "Communication" makes it clear that they understand their strengths: singing what they know and piling on the wiry, gnarled guitars. (Disq now sports three guitarists, and thank goodness for that.)

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