The Austin 100: Adam Melchor Recommended if you like M. Ward and Fruit Bats.

The Austin 100: Adam Melchor

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All Songs Considered's 2019 SXSW Preview

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Courtesy of the artist
Adam Melchor will perform at SXSW 2019
Courtesy of the artist

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Genre: Rock

Why We're Excited: Adam Melchor graduated college with a degree in opera, but as a singer-songwriter, he specializes in dreamy, harmony-dense, Technicolor folk-pop songs like "Three Hours Ahead," which celebrates a friendship that transcends time zones. Melchor, who recently moved from New Jersey to LA, sings about what he knows: the search for personal growth and connection, overcoming doubt and holding onto the slivers of the past worth keeping.

Stream Adam Melchor's "Three Hours Ahead"