The Austin 100: Mike Krol Recommended if you like Beck, Mikal Cronin and Dinosaur Jr.

The Austin 100: Mike Krol

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All Songs Considered's 2019 SXSW Preview

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Courtesy of Merge Records
Mike Krol will play at SXSW 2019.
Courtesy of Merge Records

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Genre: Rock

Why We're Excited: Mike Krol writes crunchy, windows-open, garage-friendly power-pop songs that unfold with maximum efficiency: His last album, 2015's Turkey, blew by in only 19 minutes. The new, appropriately titled Power Chords is nearly twice as long, but there's still never a wasted moment. In "I Wonder," Krol teams up with Allison Crutchfield for a fuzzed-out, wistful, impressively grown-up look back on a relationship that was never meant to be.

Stream Mike Krol's "I Wonder"