The Austin 100: Erin Rae Recommended if you like Lucinda Williams, Gillian Welch and Big Thief.

The Austin 100: Erin Rae

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All Songs Considered's 2019 SXSW Preview

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Courtesy of the artist
Erin Rae will perform at SXSW 2019.
Courtesy of the artist

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Genre: Folk

Why We're Excited: Erin Rae's songs are marked by uncommon empathy and the echoes of personal experience. Conjuring the smooth, loping gentility of like-minded singer-songwriter Sera Cahoone, Rae meets at the intersection of folk and country in ballads built to calm nerves and trigger powerful emotions at the same time. Most notable is "Bad Mind," in which the singer tells the story of her aunt — who was once declared unfit to raise Rae's cousin because she was gay — and describes how that history haunted her own coming-out process.

Stream Erin Rae's "Bad Mind"