The Austin 100: Morabeza Tobacco Recommended if you like Tame Impala, Toro y Moi and Washed Out.

The Austin 100: Morabeza Tobacco

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All Songs Considered's 2019 SXSW Preview

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William Coutts/Courtesy of the artist
Morabeza Tobacco
William Coutts/Courtesy of the artist

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Genre: Pop

Why We're Excited: There's a slightly warped, undeniably nostalgic quality to Morabeza Tobacco's "TTYL," as if it's been dubbed from cassette to cassette to cassette ever since it first assumed form in 1983. The duo of Gustav and Vanilla clearly put a fair bit of effort into creating the effect, which only enhances the pair's distinct mix of chillwave, vintage synth-pop and funk. At times it's like hearing a 45 RPM record played at a slower speed, but "TTYL" allows slivers of sunlight to peek through all that haze.

Stream Morabeza Tobacco's "TTYL"