The Austin 100: blushh Recommended if you like Weezer, Paramore and Le Tigre.

The Austin 100: blushh

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Courtesy of the artist
blushh will perform at SXSW 2019
Courtesy of the artist

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Genre: Rock

Why We're Excited: To hear blushh's "I'm Over It" is to be transported directly to the '90s in the span of less than 20 seconds. Shab Ferdowsi knows just how to rip into a fuzzy, rousing chorus with maximum efficiency and force — you can just imagine a stadium full of people rising up in unison to shout along — while still conveying universal truths about emotional labor and frustration. "I'm Over It" is there to perfectly sum up your lousy day, while invariably improving it.

Stream blushh's "I'm Over It"