The Austin 100: Hala Recommended if you like Mac Demarco and Beach Fossils.

The Austin 100: Hala

Stream All Songs Considered's 2019 SXSW Preview

All Songs Considered's 2019 SXSW Preview

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Courtesy of the artist
Hala will perform at SXSW 2019
Courtesy of the artist

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Genre: Rock

Why We're Excited: Ian Ruhala started recording music as Hala back in 2014, when he was still in high school. Now of legal drinking age — albeit barely — he's got a full-length album to his name, as well as an increasingly sophisticated flair for strummy, crackling power-pop. "Sorry" starts out with a bit of lo-fi shambling, but Ruhala knows just how and when to enrich the production with yet another layer of joyously jangling clatter.

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