See Leikeli47 Perform Live at the Tiny Desk Family Hour The charismatic, genre-smashing masked rapper closes NPR Music's big night with intensity, joy and free-wheeling fervor.

Tiny Desk Family Hour: Leikeli47

When you're facing a crowd that's been sitting for three and a half hours, you might as well get everyone up and dancing. Leikeli47 was the ninth and final Tiny Desk Family Hour act to take the stage at Austin's Central Presbyterian Church during SXSW last week. So naturally, the charismatic, genre-smashing masked rapper closed NPR Music's big night with as much intensity, joy and free-wheeling fervor as the moment required.

Backed by the four costumed players who make up The TSA Band, Leikeli47 exhorted the crowd to dance, sway, sing and snap along through a five-song set that just kept getting lighter and more infectiously sweet-natured. The budding star softened some of her saltier material in deference to the setting — "The Lord knows my heart," she said through a visible smile — and closed out the night with "Money," a springy and appropriately titled banger.