We Want To Hear From You About Facebook Live Facebook Live has played a key role in the spread of violent images on social media. What do you think Facebook should do with this feature?

We Want To Hear From You About Facebook Live

Katherine Du/NPR
NPR wants to hear your thoughts on Facebook livestreaming.
Katherine Du/NPR

With Facebook Live, you can broadcast anything, any time.

A gunman in the recent New Zealand mosque massacre used Facebook Live to broadcast his act of terror. The company reportedly left the video up for about an hour and failed to block it from being uploaded again 300,000 times. And there are other reports of livestreamed acts of violence: a father murdering his infant daughter; a suspected gang rape in Chicago; an Alabama man committing suicide; and two men beating another man to death.

That said, Facebook's streaming feature has also helped elevate issues like police brutality. And it has given people the ability to talk directly with their favorite celebrities and politicians.

Do you think Facebook Live should continue to be available or be shut down?

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