VIDEO: Cookie Monster Knows: It's Hard To Delay Gratification Ask Cookie Monster about self-control? Sounds like the setup to a joke. But in recent years, Cookie has evolved. Watch as he demonstrates some of his favorite techniques.

WATCH: It's Hard To Delay Gratification. Just Ask Cookie Monster

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Ask Cookie Monster to demonstrate self-control? Sounds like the setup to a joke. The blue, furry monster we grew up with was pure id.

But in recent years, Cookie has evolved as Sesame Workshop has sharpened its focus on social and emotional skills. Research shows that at least half a child's success is determined by those skills.

Life Kit: Parenting has been looking at strategies for helping kids learn emotional self-regulation and self-control, so we called in Cookie for help.

We put out a plate of his favorite chocolate chippies. He demonstrated key strategies for waiting out or cooling down a "hot" moment of anger, fear or, in this case, temptation!

Here's what Cookie did to keep his monster hands off those sweets — and what you can help your children do to resist temptation and reach their own goals.

  • Take a deep belly breath.
  • Look in a different direction.
  • Focus on the reason you are waiting — for example, a promise to share the cookie with a friend.
  • Distract yourself — for example, with singing.
  • Talk about something else — say, a book you are reading.

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