What Surfing Can Teach Us About Risk : The Indicator from Planet Money Surfing and financial markets have a lot in common when it comes to taking and managing risk.

What Surfing Can Teach Us About Risk

What Surfing Can Teach Us About Risk

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Hawaii&#039;s Makua Rothman surfs at Pe&#039;ahi, also known as Jaws, during big wave surfing on January 14, 2018.

Surfing and financial markets are more similar than they may seem. Both have their rewards: the rush of surfing a big wave, or the financial gains from a stock price jolt. But they can also be risky: the investor who is wrong-footed by a sudden move in the market can lose a fortune; the surfer who wipes out on a rogue wave can lose his or her life.

In recent years, technology, education and government regulation have helped make both surfing and finance less risky. That's encouraged more people to get involved in both arenas. That's not a bad thing, but in some cases it's created the incentive for participants — both in the water and in the markets — to take even greater risks.

Today on The Indicator, what surfing can teach us about risk.

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