The Search: Part 2 : Rough Translation A fragile alliance begins to fracture, as a romantic photo of Kamaran resurfaces. Ahmed confronts his family. And Sebastian meets with ISIS.

* Note: This story contains strong language and sounds of war.

The Search: Part 2

The Search: Part 2

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When An Iraqi Journalist Goes Missing

Check out our slideshow to view pictures of Kamaran, Ahmed, Sebastian as well as some of Kamaran's own photography.

* Note: This is the second part in our series about a missing Iraqi photojournalist, Kamaran Najm. You can find the first episode here. Also, this story contains strong language and sounds of war.

A journalist goes missing in Iraq, and it's up to his friends and family to figure out how to find him.

But as the search goes on, the team must confront the wider game that they are part of. Both Iraqi authorities and ISIS seem to be using the search team for their own ends. Does continuing to search for their friend mean that other people will get hurt?

Further Reading:

  • Sebastian Meyer documents the story of Kamaran and the past decade of Kurdish history in Under Every Yard Of Sky.
  • Free Press Unlimited is an organization that helps journalists who have been threatened and searches for them when they go missing.