When Failure Is A 4-Letter Word : Rough Translation On today's episode, entrepreneurs around the world are trying to redefine how their societies perceive failure, by doing the scariest thing possible: standing up in public and admitting their mistakes.

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When Failure Is A 4-Letter Word

When Failure Is A 4-Letter Word

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Silicon Valley gurus tell you to "Fail Fast." But what if you live in a place where the shame of failure is so strong, and the barriers to success so steep, that the "Failure-Is-Good" advice feels dangerous?

Today, we hear from entrepreneurs around the world who are rewriting the failure mantra to fit the places they live. In the process, they're changing how their society judges winners and losers.

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* Note: The videos on this page include an expletive in their titles.

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Correction July 12, 2019

In a previous version of this episode, we mistakenly said Lagos is the capital of Nigeria. In fact, Abuja is the capital.