Sunday Puzzle: Power Of The Pen NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro and Weekend Edition Puzzlemaster Will Shortz challenge KUWR listener Patrick Ivers of Laramie, Wyo.

Sunday Puzzle: Power Of The Pen

Sunday Puzzle: Power Of The Pen

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Sunday Puzzle


On-air challenge: Every answer is a word containing the accented syllable, PEN.

Example: Terrific --> Stupendous

1. A 1-cent coin

2. A part added on at the end of a book

3. A five-sided figure

4. Straps to hold one's pants up

5. Part of a grandfather clock that swings

6. Pricey

7. Money for a retired person

8. Expressing sincere remorse

9. A city on the Florida Panhandle

10. The capital of Cambodia

11. A facility where drugs are given out

12. What a red flag means in sports

13. Drug of forgetfulness in The Odyssey

14. Also known as The Fourth of July

Last week's challenge:

Last week's challenge: There is a standard two-letter abbreviation for an English word that has an unusual property: The first letter of the abbreviation is the second letter of the word. And the second letter of the abbreviation does not appear in the word at all. What's the word, and what's its abbreviation?

Challenge answer: Prescription, Rx

Winner: Patrick Ivers of Laramie, Wyo.

This week's challenge: When you remove the last letter from Germany, Sweden or Somalia, what remains is a native of that country. What country, if you remove its last letter also leaves a native, but only after you rearrange its remaining letters?

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If you know the answer to next week's challenge, submit it here. Listeners who submit correct answers win a chance to play the on-air puzzle. Important: Include a phone number where we can reach you by Thursday, July 11, at 3 p.m. ET.