Is Your Child Anxious? NPR Wants To Hear Your Story In kids, some worry is natural, but too much can hold them back. If you wonder about your child's anxiety, we want to hear from you.

Is Your Child Anxious? NPR Wants To Hear Your Story

Anxiety is a natural part of growing up, but it can be hard for parents to know when a child's worries are appropriate and when something bigger is going on.

Too much anxiety can hold children back, experts say, and it can leave parents feeling confused and anxious themselves. For example, some children are so afraid of the dark that they won't sleep alone, so bothered by dogs that they'll skip a play date, or so nervous about school that they simply refuse to go.

NPR's Life Kit wants to hear your stories — and questions — and about your child's anxious behavior and how you've tried to handle it.

Just fill out the form at this link.

If we end up using your story in the podcast, you'll get guidance from experts who've dedicated their careers to studying anxiety in children. You do not have to share your child's name.

Part of this project involves putting voices on air, so we'd love it if you could send us a voice memo. You can submit a voice memo within the form. Thanks!