Justice Ginsburg Returns To Host Supreme Court Concert The opera-loving justice was back to host the annual Supreme Court concert that kicks off the holiday season.
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RBG Returns To Host Supreme Court Concert

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was back at the Supreme Court on Monday, but not in her usual capacity on the bench. Rather, she was there in her role as the court's musical impresario.

Every year at this time, Ginsburg hosts a Supreme Court concert to kick off the holiday season. Aided by Washington Performing Arts, she chooses the artists to perform for the justices and about 100 or more other guests at the court.

At the concert she introduces the musicians, describing their careers, family lives, and critical successes. So when the 86-year-old justice ended up in the hospital this past weekend, Washington waited to see if the opera-loving justice would show up to introduce opera stars Christine Goerke and Luca Pisaroni.

The concert is officially off the record, so all we can say is that the diminutive justice was there, in her usual role, and in good speaking voice.