Things We Learned in 2019 : Planet Money Tom Whitwell made an amazing list of 52 things he learned this year. We dig into our favorite items. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

Things We Learned in 2019

Things We Learned in 2019

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Andreas Cappell S/Flickr
Number 52
Andreas Cappell S/Flickr

Every year, Tom Whitwell writes up an amazing list of things he's learned. (This year's is called, "52 Things I Learned in 2019.")

Stuff like:

Number 1. Each year humanity produces 1,000 times more transistors than grains of rice and wheat combined.

Number 34. 28% of people like the smell of (their own) urine after eating asparagus.

Number 5. Baijiu is the world's most popular spirit with 10 billion liters sold every year, almost entirely in China.

On today's show, we dig into our favorite items on the list.

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