Americans React To Impeachment People across the country are reacting to President Trump's impeachment.

Americans React To Impeachment

Americans React To Impeachment

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People across the country are reacting to President Trump's impeachment.


We listened all day yesterday to lawmakers debating impeachment, and we've also been listening to voters who've been following the process.

Pauline and Edward LaFrance (ph) of Lewiston, Maine say the president has done some good and some bad, but the best thing now is to get him out of office.


PAULINE LAFRANCE: It's his way of taking care of things, you know? You can't have a president that lies all the time. He gets caught, and then he gets out of it. Oh, well. I get tired of it, and I don't listen to it anymore, so...

EDWARD LAFRANCE: I don't think the American people can afford him anymore.

INSKEEP: Keith Johnson (ph) from Watertown, Wis. did not vote for the president, he says, but now thinks the president is doing a good job. And Johnson is also distrustful of Democrats.


KEITH JOHNSON: Well, I think it's a political move on the part of the Democrats to kind of take some of the wind out of Trump's sails. I would rather have them working on the problems of the country than wasting time doing this impeachment.

INSKEEP: Louisiana residents Devin Pujol (ph) and Jennifer Johnson (ph) want to point out that impeachment is dividing Americans.


DEVIN PUJOL: It is a distraction. It's distracting us from what is really, really important.


PUJOL: And it's to love one another, period...

JOHNSON: Exactly.

PUJOL: ...And just be...

JOHNSON: To be kind to each other.

PUJOL: ...Good people. And just...

JOHNSON: And to be brothers and sisters and not at each other's throats about race.

PUJOL: And not at each other's throats about race, sex, how - if you're gay...

JOHNSON: Right. Who cares?

PUJOL: ...If you're this, if you're that.

JOHNSON: It doesn't matter.

PUJOL: Who cares?

INSKEEP: Some opinions we've heard thanks to your NPR stations around the country.

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