Smart Speakers Listen To Us, But Do They Hear Us All The Same? NPR is running an experiment in an effort to figure out how accurately voice-to-text algorithms interpret English speakers of all backgrounds.
NPR logo Would You Lend Your Voice To Our Experiment?

Would You Lend Your Voice To Our Experiment?

Mhari Shaw/NPR
Smart speakers
Mhari Shaw/NPR

We need your help — and your voice.

From a robot in your phone to a smart speaker in your kitchen, voice-to-text algorithms are moving into more and more aspects of our lives.

But how well do they understand English speakers of all backgrounds? We're running an experiment to find out.

This is where you come in: Record yourself speaking (we'll give you prompts), send us the clips and we'll have the machines interpret them. It doesn't matter if you know of or have used the devices or services we're testing. If you can speak, we'd like to hear from you. Here's the link to the experiment.