The 'All Things Considered' Staff Who are the people who write the words and shape the sound you hear each day? Read about them.

The 'All Things Considered' Staff

You've met the hosts of All Things ConsideredAilsa Chang, Juana Summers, Mary Louise Kelly, Ari Shapiro, and Weekend's Michel Martin. Who else works on the show? Here are some brief bios, starting with the staff that puts the show together each weekday:

Gus Contreras is an assistant producer. He started out as an intern in 2014, and re-joined the show as a staff member in 2018. His work has taken him to Forest, Mississippi, to report on how immigration raids have impacted the small community, and to Oakdale, Louisiana, to learn about how the government shutdown affected the local population. He also produced a series of stories for NPR's "Where the Voters Are" project in Pueblo, Colorado, leading up to the 2020 election. Prior to moving to Washington D.C., he worked at KERA, the Member station in Dallas, Texas, as a producer and reporter. He is from El Paso, Texas, and in his spare time he enjoys cooking Mexican food and playing golf.

Oliver Dearden is a supervising producer for All Things Considered. He line produces the show, working with hosts, producers and editors to get the show on air each day. Before ATC, Oliver was a producer with Weekend Edition, Morning Edition and a senior producer for BBC radio.

Connor Donevan is an associate producer. He escaped an education in architecture and engineering with the help of the fine folks at KJHK student-run radio in Lawrence, Kan. (Rock Chalk!) In 2012 he reported from Leipzig, Germany as an Arthur F. Burns fellow. He travelled to Detroit with Rachel Martin in 2014 to cover the city as it went through bankruptcy. He has produced interviews with newsmakers, authors and the occasional Dutch garage pop band.

Courtney Dorning has been a Senior Editor for NPR's All Things Considered since November 2018. In that role, she's the lead editor for the daily show. Dorning is responsible for newsmaker interviews, lead news segments and the small, quirky features that are a hallmark of the network's flagship afternoon magazine program. She has been the editor on interviews ranging from former First Lady Michelle Obama, actress and activist Jane Fonda and Speaker of the House. She contributes heavily to All Things Considered's political coverage and has played a key role in the show's coverage of the #MeToo movement. Previously, Dorning was an editor at Morning Edition. She is a graduate of Saint Mary's College and has a master's degree from Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism.

Jason Fuller is an assistant producer. Prior to joining the show, Jason worked within NPR's programming department where he produced fundraising promos and credits, and the occasional podcast episode. When Jason isn't pitching, producing, reading or bragging about Detroit staples Vernors and Detroit-style pizza, he's screaming at at least 1 screen as his Detroit/Michigan teams break his heart. Jason got his first taste of public radio and storytelling in New Mexico within KUNM's Generation Justice project. He's an alum of NPR's Next Gen Radio Project and Member stations WAMU and Virginia Public Radio. Jason holds a bachelor's degree from the University of New Mexico and a masters from Virginia Commonwealth University. He tweets @BakariTZace.

Christopher Intagliata is a senior editor at All Things Considered, where he writes news and edits interviews with politicians, musicians, restaurant owners, and many of the other voices heard on air. He also pitches many of the show's quirky science updates. Before joining NPR, Intagliata spent a decade at the public radio show Science Friday, where he shadowed NASA astronaut hopefuls across Hawaiian lava fields, and hunted for beetles in dung on the Kansas prairie. Prior to becoming a journalist, Intagliata taught English in Verona, Italy, and traversed the Sierra Nevada as a field biologist, on the lookout for frogs. Intagliata has a master's degree in science journalism from New York University, and a bachelor's degree in biology and Italian from the University of California, Berkeley.

Patrick Jarenwattananon is an editor. He came to NPR as an intern in 2007. Later, he started and ran NPR Music's jazz blog, and helped to launch the radio/web video collaboration Jazz Night in America with WBGO and Jazz at Lincoln Center. He's also been a digital producer for NPR's Arts Desk. In his spare time, he works hard to be a mediocre elite amateur bicycle racer.

Bridget Kelley is the supervising senior editor. She's also known as the planning editor. Bridget works with NPR editors and ATC colleagues to plan and program the show, including news coverage, host interviews and feature stories. Before joining the ATC staff in 2013, she worked as supervising senior producer of Weekend Edition and as supervising senior editor of Morning Edition.

Justine Kenin is an editor on All Things Considered. She started at NPR as an intern for Talk of the Nation in 1999. From there she went to Weekend Edition Saturday and then to ATC. Matching readers and books is a longtime passion – so she loves getting books on the show – from historic fiction to kids' books to American Life to short stories. She's really proud of the award-winning Dear Mr. President and Backseat Book Club series. Outside of work, she's most tickled to have written a book with her daughters, We Grew It, Let's Eat It!@JustineKenin

Carol Klinger, an associate editor, has worked for All Things Considered since 1995. Before that, she worked for radio and television networks in California and Washington, D.C. In the early 1990s, she designed what she believes to be first website for a radio show, complete with transcripts, with the help of two 16-year-old boys. At ATC, Carol has booked just about everyone, from world leaders to explorers at the North Pole.

Kat Lonsdorf is a producer for the show. She has produced and reported around the world for NPR, including Zimbabwe, South Africa, Japan, Jerusalem, Ukraine and Georgia. In 2020, she was NPR's Above the Fray Fellow, reporting out a series of stories looking at clean up and recovery efforts in Fukushima, Japan after the nuclear disaster in 2011. Before she came to NPR, she was a full-time bartender, but also hosted and produced an education travel series for kids called Project Explorer. That gig took her to 14 countries across five continents. She later earned her Masters in Journalism from Medill at Northwestern University. Kat has lived in both Japan and Jordan, and speaks Japanese and Arabic conversationally.

Jonaki Mehta became a producer for All Things Considered in the fateful March of 2020. She's based at NPR West, where she got her start in public radio as an intern for the National Desk. Jonaki has made her rounds directing, producing and reporting at Marketplace, local station KPCC, and Neon Hum Media before landing back at NPR. Since joining ATC, Jonaki has had the chance to field report and produce with host Ailsa Chang on stories about racial justice and Gen-Z voters, amongst others. Outside of work, she loves making recipes with harvests from her vegetable garden and riding her motorcycle around L.A. She tweets @jonakimehta.

Gabe O'Connor has been a production assistant at All Things Considered since 2009. He's a spokesman for gentle giants everywhere. Before joining the show, he was an associate producer at NPR's Only A Game for eight years. Prior to that, he sold shoes and was the world's worst bouncer. Gabe somehow obtained a broadcast journalism degree from the University of Missouri despite failing communications law more than once. He spends his spare time with his twin daughters (born in 2013) — so, he has no spare time. But, if he DID have spare time, he would enjoy sports, movies, music and hanging out with his long-suffering wife. @Galacticmule

Matt Ozug is a senior producer at All Things Considered and owes his career in radio to an internship at Dave Isay's Sound Portraits Productions. Ozug's Sound Portraits piece, "Parents at an Execution," won a Thurgood Marshall Journalism Award. In 2003, he helped launch the Peabody Award-winning StoryCorps project. He oversaw the national MobileBooth tour for StoryCorps until 2008. He was an International Reporting Project fellow in Cambodia. At NPR, he's produced and reported around the world, including from the premier pigeon-racing club in Borobudur, Indonesia. He studied at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Social Anthropology. His senior thesis on monastic silence would not have made good radio. He tweets @Matt_Ozug

Erika Ryan is a producer for All Things Considered. She joined NPR after spending 4 years at CNN, where she worked for various shows and in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. Ryan began her career in journalism as a print reporter covering arts and culture. She's a graduate of the University of South Carolina, and currently lives in Washington, D.C., with her dog, Millie.

Ashish Valentine is a production assistant for All Things Considered. He came to NPR as its second-ever Reflect America Fellow in 2020. As well as producing the daily show, his job is to help the network's coverage better represent the perspectives of marginalized people. Before coming to NPR, he taught high school English in France for two years and then worked on daily news shows at Chicago member station WBEZ. He also reports for NPR and tweets at @ashishval.

Mallory Yu is an assistant producer. She came to NPR as an intern for the arts desk in 2012, then became a production assistant where she cut her teeth mixing arts and culture pieces. In addition to working on the show's coverage of daily news, she's doing her best to bring her love of nerdy pop culture to All Things Considered. She also occasionally reports her own stories. When she has spare time, she cooks, bakes, and plans future scuba diving adventures. She tweets @mallory_yu.

The Weekend Staff:

Janaya Williams is a producer on the weekend team. She has worn many hats in public radio — including as an arts and culture reporter in New York, a technology reporter in New Orleans, and a newscaster and show host. Janaya produced NPR's live event series "Going There" and regularly contributes news and feature segments to All Things Considered. She received a Gracie Award for her work on the NPR series #15Girls about the lives of teenaged girls around the world, a National Press Club award for her team's coverage of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Attacks, and a 2021/2022 Fulbright travel fellowship to Canada and the UK. A native of the Philadelphia area, Janaya has called many places home including Brooklyn and the San Francisco Bay Area. History, race and gender, the ethics of travel and tourism, art and artists, and religion and spirituality are her favorite topics. Tacos are her favorite food. She tweets @janaya.

Natalie Winston is the Executive Producer of All Things Considered on the weekends. She has led the show through coverage of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and many other breaking news events. She also led a remote team for a weekend of coverage from Puerto Rico at the start of the 2018 hurricane season.