Stream Margo Price's New Song, 'Stone Me' On her first new song in two years, Margo Price offers a lighters-up ode to fighting sexism.

Margo Price's New Song, 'Stone Me,' Sweetly Sneers The Truth


When Miranda Lambert regularly sells out arenas, Kacey Musgraves wins Grammy of the year for Golden Hour and a group of women form a country music Voltron as The Highwomen, it feels like a high-five, a fist-pump and a hip-check combined. These are wins! But on country music radio, only 16 percent of country artists are female, and only 12 percent of country songwriters are women.

Margo Price has fought country music industry's sexism for years, called out sexism on stage, in interviews and through songs like "Pay Gap" and "About to Find Out." If the pressure's on, then Price, writing songs about real life, presses on. "There are people in rural America who need to hear these songs, especially young women," she tells Sasheer Zamata in a segment about sexism in country music, which aired on Full Frontal With Samantha Bee Wednesday night.

"Stone Me," her first new song in two years, doubles down. "Call me a bitch / then call me baby," she sings in a lighters-up ode to giving the middle finger to haters. In a story that takes us from her childhood poverty to almost going "broke just from paying dues," Margo Price has a way of sweetly sneering the truth.

You can hear "Stone Me" above and watch Margo Price perform the song live for the first time on Samantha Bee below.